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DVB-T v Sloveniji Digitalne tehnologije

Broadcasting Legislation

Electronic Communications Act

Mass Media Act

Digital Broadcasting Act


APEKThe Post and Electronic Communications Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (APEK) is an independent regulatory authority, which regulates and monitors the fields of electronic communications, postal services and radio and television broadcasting in the Republic of Slovenia. It operates pursuant to current legislation and performs its duties in a public, transparent and friendly manner, to the benefit of the final users and the general public. APEK’s decisions can only be challenged before courts.

The mission of APEK is to regulate the electronic communications and postal market in order to ensure competitiveness and thus make it possible to choose high-quality, modern and affordable services and a variety of radio and television programme services. The objective is to ensure equality for operators of communications networks and service providers and providers of postal services, to manage the radio-frequency spectrum and number range, to monitor the content of radio and television programme services and protect the rights of users in both the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union. It is financed by fees, collected from telecommunication and broadcasting operators.

APEK has powers to manage telecommunications and broadcasting spectrum, regulate the postal services market, settle disputes among operators on prices, infrastructure etc., set the prices of some services, decide on concentration in certain cases, collect the fees from operators, supervise telecommunications and broadcasting operators. Besides that, APEK is competent for accreditation of electronic signatures.

In the area of broadcasting, APEK manages the radiofrequency spectrum and supervises the content as to ensure pluralism of broadcasting media and content. It issues licenses for performing radio and television activities to radio and television broadcasters, conducts public tenders for obtaining radio frequencies for analogue broadcasting and public tenders for obtaining the right to disseminate programme in digital broadcasting technique. The selection between interested broadcasters is made on the basis of a grounded proposal by the Broadcasting Council and in accordance with the act regulating electronic communications. APEK also grants statuses of special importance to radio and TV stations which comply with the requirements for local, regional, student or non-profit station of special importance and submits national strategy on development of radio and television.

Within the framework of expert supervision the Agency monitors the compliance with the programme requirements and restrictions that apply to radio and television programme services under the Mass Media Act (e.g. proportions of programme, advertising quota, protection of minors) and supervises the implementation of the legal provisions on radio and television programme services with statuses of special importance.

APEK also provides support to two independent councils: one for electronic communications and the other for broadcasting. Both councils have a power to give or refuse their consent to APEK’s statutes.


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